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Faltig 400AC/DC

Characterization :

This particular piece of equipment designed for neutral-gas shielded, TIG welding of quality steels, copper and its alloys, aluminium and its alloys with a non-consumable electrode.
It can be also used for MMA welding of structural steels with coated electrodes.

It is equipped in the following functions for a MMA method:

    * HOT START,
    * ARC FORCE.

Moreover, touch- and non-touch starting of an arc is offered for TIG welding, as well as two- and four-tact, adjustable increase and decrease of a welding current and its modulation, as well as adjustable time of gas-outflow after putting out of an arc. It is equipped in digital meter of set- and real value of the welding current.
This piece of equipment has a module construction which also contains liquid cooling system both for a power source and a welding clamp. The introduced protective system turns it of in case of overheating.

Tehnical informations :

Main voltage 3x400 V; 50 Hz
Nominal welding current:
    - method TIG
* at 60% duty cycle (AC)
* at 100% duty cycle (AC)
* at 60% duty cycle (DC)
* at 100% duty cycle (DC)

400 A
330 A
400 A
330 A
Welding current range:
- for method MMA
    - for method TIG

7 - 360 A
7 - 400 A
Fuse 16 A
Nominal welding current:
    - for method MMA
* at 60% duty cycle
* at 100% duty cycle

360 A
330 A
Enclosure class IP23
Weight 110 kgs
Dimensions: L x W x H 985 x 510 x 950 mm
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