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Caddy LHN 250 Professional

Characterization :

Caddy Professional is the best selling equipment for welding with coated electrodes. There have been more than 100000 inverters sold all over the world. It was made on a basis of 20 years of experience and works in a field of inverter technology.

  • Professional welding with coated electrodes.
  • Short-circuit starting of an arc while TIG-method welding.
  • Easy to use, well organised control panel.
  • Automatic ArcForce function – very good welding characteristics.
  • Short-circuit protective function and HotStart function enable easy starting of an arc and welding.
  • Compensation of welding voltage – high quality of welding.
  • Remote control socket – particularly useful when welding pipelines and in closed, wet rooms.
  • Meets safety requirements of international standard IEC 974.
  • Overload protection – a signalising indicator.
  • Reliability of equipment is additionally increased thanks to anti-dust filters and painted electronic components.
  • Designed for an easy technical service which decreases the total labour costs.
  • Long cables can be connected.
  • IP23 – designed to be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • .

This equipment is a professional inverter welding rectifier and is suitable for welding most of metals, low-carbon-, stainless- and alloy steels, castings and aluminium. Caddy 200 is suitable for welding with currents up to 200A and electrode’s diameters up to 4mm, whereas Caddy 250 the maximal welding current equals 250A and the maximal electrode’s diameter equals 5mm.

Caddy Professional is perfect equipment for TIG welding. Only a TIG clamp with a gas valve, a reduction and a gas-bottle are necessary. A short-circuit starting of an arc is easy and effective due to a specially adapted steering system. It is a great alternative to fully professional TIG welding equipment (light and heavy) especially for welding parts made of carbon- and stainless steel.

All main parts are replaceable. Caddy professional is not only easy to use, but also easy to service and maintain.

Caddy professional was equipped in ArcPlus function setting, thanks to which an intensive, stabile and easy to control arc is achieved.

ArcPlus function generates small drops of a weld metal and gives a soft arc. While welding with weaving there is no need to stop an electrode at each edge. It also improves current characteristics of this equipment and therefore a welding process is easier and gives higher quality joints. Caddy Professional 200 are three-phase sources that should be connected to a 400V current. Due to voltage compensation this equipment is resistant to supply voltage fluctuations and are suitable for long welding cables. It is also easily portable and functional thanks to a fastened belt.

Delivery contains: power supply cable 3m, welding cable with an electrode clamp 3m, mass cable with a clamp 3m and arm-belt.

Tehnical informations :

Main voltage 3x400V; 50 Hz
Welding current range 4-250 A
Nominal welding current:
    - at 35% duty cycle
    - at 60% duty cycle
    - at 100% duty cycle

Voltage on a non-load state 50 - 80 V
Fuse 16 A
Enclosure class IP 23
Dimensions: L x W x H 472 x 142 x 256 mm
Weight 11 kg
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