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Characterization :

Plasma cutters of PLAZMASTER family have high- frequency ignition for pilot arc start.
That feature makes an effective start possible.
Additional torch equipment provided with a machine allows cutting in all positions.

- overload protection
- TEST facility to analyse the level of air pressure supply and unable restarting the machine when switched off by the thermal protector
- additional regulators with air filters and air dewaters are provided due to influence of air purity on cutting quality
- torch
- return cable with a work clamp

Tehnical informations :

Input Current
    - at Duty Cycle 60%
    - at Duty Cycle 100%

19 A
10 A
Power Consumption:
    - at Duty Cycle 60%
    - at Duty Cycle 100%

13,6 A
6,8 A
Cutting Current:
    - at Duty Cycle 60%
    - at Duty Cycle 100%

55 A
35 A
Max. Open Circuit Voltage 250 V
Rated Power Factor 0,62
Material Thickness (max):
    - When Quality Cutting 35 A
    - When Quality Cutting 55 A

do 5 mm
do 12 mm
Material Thickness (max) when Separation Cutting 20 mm
Air Pressure 0,5 - 0,8 MPa
Air Consumption 100-140 l/min
Protection Degree IP21
Insulation Class F
Weight 80 kg
Dimensions: HxWxL 430 x 1010 x 520 mm
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