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2009-07-08 11:03:39


Dear Sirs,


The 15th of June 2009 Both Rywal-RHC and TPS Technika Spawalnicza Management and Owners enforced decision to incorporate as one structure. Accordingly to above mentioned from 01/07/2009 TPS Technika Spawalnicza Ltd will to act as part of Rywal-RHC Ltd.


As legal consequences Rywal-RHC is taking over all obligations (debts) and receivables of TPS Technika Spwalanicza Ltd. with incorporation date. The sales Office of TPS Technika Spawalnicza Ltd in Warsaw on Chelmzynska 180 str. and Łopuszanska 53 str. will work as branch offices of Rywal-RHC ltd. The address data and telephone numbers stays without any changes.


Without changes you can find as well:
employees from Warsaw offices
product offers
bank account numbers
opening hours


from 7.30 till 15.30

New data obtains from 01/07/2009:
„Rywal-RHC" Sp. z o.o. w Warszawie

1st branch office in Warsaw
04-464 Warszawa
Chełmżyńska 180 str.
tel. +48 22/ 331 42 90, fax +48 22/ 331 42 91


2nd branch office in Warsaw
02-232 Warszawa
Łopuszańska 53 str
tel. +48 22/ 609 00 30, tel./fax +48 22/ 868 00 34


Registered in: Sąd Rejonowy dla M. St. Warszawy w Warszawie, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS NIP: 951-19-98-317, REGON: 017180279, KRS: 37174, GIOŚ: E0007768WZ capital found: 60 738 000 zł

Management „Rywal-RHC" Ltd



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